Connect to your Loved Ones on the Other Side

You were led here for a reason. Hi, I’m Erin Pia. I am an evidential medium who works for the spirit world to validate that your loved one(s) are not gone, but have simply moved home to the spirit world.

I know that this work is never about me. It is about Spirit and their loved one(s) here on Earth. It is my duty is to relay as much evidence to YOU as possible so as to provide as much comfort, reassurance, and love as possible.

Benefits of Mediumship Readings with Erin

  • Validation that we don’t really die
  • Comfort knowing your loved ones are still here and are around you more than you think
  • Peace and reassurance
  • Assistance with grief; providing some type of closure
  • Confirmation of signs that your loved ones have given you
  • Improve outlook on your life
  • Ability to increase your capacity to love one another
  • It’s fun!

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