Services & Prices

Email or text to schedule appointment!

Text Erin directly at (484) 883-9595

Payment Methods:

  • VENMO: user name is Erin-Pia-1
  • CASH APP: Username is 484-883-9595 or search by Cashtag: $ErinPia
  • ZELLE: Search and pay through phone #: 484-883-9595; Erin Pia
  • Prices subject to change.
  • Once payment is made, I will confirm your appointment.
  • Any cancellation requests or reschedules are handled on a case by case basis.


Recorded phone or video sessions

Appointments will be by phone or video. I will call you at the phone number you provide in your appointment request. I receive the same info over the phone as I do in person because it works the same no matter what format. Mediumship connection is through energy and mind connection.

Individual Readings:

30 minutes $95

My highest priority is remaining a clear channel to connect with the Other Side to be the voice for the voiceless and to provide exceptional service to my customers.

What to expect and how to prepare

1. This work is not about me. I am merely a vessel for spirit to provide love and comfort to the client. 

2. We are spirits in a human vessel. That humaneness can interfere with our connection, so it is very important to be positive, open minded, and patient. 

3. Please do not share any details of yourself or your loved ones before or during the reading. We will have time afterwards to debrief. I will ask you during the reading if you “can take that” “is that accurate” etc. Connecting to spirit has to happen when we are both feeling as much loving energy as we can because they are are meeting us halfway on vibration level because theirs is so high – they’re nothing but love!

4. It is recommended to bring a notepad to jot down notes and pieces of information. It all may not make sense to you at the moment, but it will at some time to you or someone that is supposed to hear it. I provide the option to record if you want that, and I will send you the file by email within 48 hours following session.

5. I see things in my mind’s eye; I hear things in my mind; I feel physical sensations; and I also can channel the spirit if the connection is strong enough.

6. During the reading it is better that I continue with the flow so I do not drop in vibration; however. I am human, so if I do, I will regroup.

7. If you schedule for yourself and have another person in the room, it WILL affect your reading as their loved ones may come through and you will not have as much time for me to focus on your loved ones.

8. Cancellations: 24 hours notice please

9. Leaving a review of your experience would be most appreciated as it is word of mouth/referrals that makes all the difference in this line of work.

Love and light,