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Spirit lights up my soul

A lot of people must wonder what a medium gets out of giving mediumship readings. For me, it is many different things/blessings; here are some: 1) Feeling the incredible love from spirit. Literally FEELING. It’s the most beautiful feeling ever. 2) Having spirit amaze and show up every single time. 3) Providing the sitter (client) precise information that instantly validates it’s their loved one. 4) When the connection is strong enough I am able to channel that person. 5) Each experience has always been positive and full of sacred energy 6) Ability to not just prove that death is not final, but, seeing that I have helped my client feel so much more at peace and reassured. 7) Seeing that spirit is very intelligent I feel so honored to have this gift and be able to genuinely make a difference in someone’s life. There is so much hurt and despair out there; so to know I am serving as that special vessel to provide love and light to someone, that I can truly make a …

Multiple Reincarnations

11 signs your soul has reincarnated quite a few times: Recurring Dreams Out-of-place memories You have strong intuition Deja vu You’re an Empath Precognition Retro-cognition You feel older than your age reflects You have a strong, unexplained passion for certain cultures/time periods/environments Unexplained fears or phobias You feel this earth is not really your home

I wish everyone realized…

I wish there was a way to wave a magic wand and let everyone realize that life continues after exiting our physical bodies. I guess everyone will eventually know when they get home, but grrrrrr, you just want to shout it from the mountain tops and make everyone listen. I have to remember that it’s still thought of as “taboo” and “against God”. Haha. What’s funny is the turmoil I felt within myself when I thought that way, when I listened to others tell me how to ‘be a good catholic’ and that ‘you’re going to hell”. Then one day I followed my heart and I have to say it’s been the most liberating moment in all my life. The journey I’m on is amazing and I just wish this for everyone else. Being able to validate life after death time and time again to grieving people…. priceless.