What Clients Are Saying about a Reading With Erin:

Great person and great medium. I hosted a party in my home with a pretty large group of my closest friends and family. Everyone was very impressed! Thank you Erin!

Tiffany Mullins

Erin was fantastic. She makes you feel calm & relaxed. She was on point with her reading. It was a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to have another reading.

Bridget Devine

I recently went to Erin for a reading. I can’t say enough how much she helped me with the loss of my friend. I didn’t think anything could ease the pain but Erin brought me some peace in my heart. … Continue reading


I had my very 1st reading done by Ms. Erin and I was pleasantly surprised. She helped me connect with my Abuelita (Grandmother). Told me things only her and I would know. I felt reassured that my Abuelita is always … Continue reading

Mini Love

Was very pleased with my meeting with Erin. She knew things that no one could have known and made the experience for me wonderful

Becki Smith

Would definitely recommend Erin, she had several of my loved ones there but the one that I really wanted came through and he told her things that definitely confirmed it was him. I am more at peace today knowing that … Continue reading

Denise Sparks

I would definitely recommend her. She helped me connect with my father and get some much needed answers.

Micah Turbyfill

Pretty legit, I was nervous but she’s super sweet and nice, some pretty amazing things came through… definitely worth checking into!!

Sally Jewel

My reading was amazing. I have always felt my great grandmother’s presence around me all the time and her reading confirmed that she is my guardian angel and always with me

Abbie Larson

She was very kind, patient, and attentive.

Lora K. Jones

Erin is amazing!!!!!! So so happy with my reading! Def recommend her! She’s awesome!!

Kristen Fulks

Thank u so much! I enjoyed it very much and the things u would describe made perfect sense. I would definitely do it again.

Sonia Lopez

I had a reading from Erin it was right on point my best friend Morris came through the things she told me there was no way it wasn’t him 

Phyllis Klaiber

I WAS a skeptic. Erin’s first words were something that only my family would know. Her descriptions of my memories were spot on. I’m now a believer, but especially of Erin’s abilities to connect.

Lorril Westaby

My late life partner, Bob. It was because of him showing up time and time again with loads of evidence he was still alive after passing that led me to mediumship.

Ways Loved Ones Have Communicated With Me

You’ve probably had a lot of these too!

  • Vivid Dreams
  • Waking up and feeling loved one with me
  • Smelling
  • Significant songs playing while thinking of loved one
  • Animals acting differently and staring at ‘nothing’
  • Feeling my hair being pulled
  • Feeling a strong presence in the room
  • Hearing them (internally)
  • Lights flickering or other electronic devices
  • Being “snagged” (called-to-attention) to a specific item and it 100% relates to your loved one. Example, my late partner’s nickname was “Tin Man” and sometimes I’ll see that on a sign; a color on a paint bottle; the song on the radio; etc.
  • Seeing them in my mind’s eye
  • Birds, Butterflies, Feathers